Where the following names, terms or concepts are used in this document, whether singular or plural, they should be defined as follows:
Meybo: The private company with limited liability Meybo B.V., established in Venhorst and registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 61669741;
Terms and Conditions: the present document, which contains Meybo's general Terms and Conditions and applies to its delivery of Services and/or Products;
Customer: any company or legal entity and its representative(s), authorized representative(s) and successor(s) in title, which wishes to conclude or enter into an order with Meybo for the supply of repairs, fuel or other products or an Agreement of a different nature. closes, or has it closed through a representative.
Parties: Meybo and the Customer jointly;
Agreement: an Agreement concluded by the Parties on the basis of which Meybo provides Services or Products to the Customer and the Customer owes Meybo a fee;
Quotation: any sufficiently specified oral or written offer from Meybo to the Customer. This also includes prices and price lists published on the Meybo website;
Services: repairs, drawing and design work, cleaning and/or related services which Meybo provides to the Customer on the basis of the Agreement.
Products: Bicycles, (bicycle) parts, clothing, product collections, helmets and all other items that Meybo supplies to the Customer on the basis of the Agreement.